Vahi aavi Antstal ni bhekhado chiri premrupi nadi...
Pravah sathe vahya chho tame kadi ??
Sneh nu tarnu ne vatsalya nu parnu...
Kadi joyu chhe ema kanu??
Priye! Mara sneh ni sugandh kadvi hoi sake...
Pan tame kadi sugandh chakhi hoy to tame jani sako ne...
Prem na dvar kholi manschaxu thi konjane kelti var joi tane..
Tame kadi manschaxu thi Joyu chhe?
Aapno parthiv jeev kone aapisu kone khabar?
Tame 'garudpuran' vanchyu hoy to khabar hoy ne...
Paripakwata ni majar par kem vyavharikta ni dhool chonti chhe?
Tame kadi Paripakwata ane vyavharikta vachhe moonzvan anubhavi chhe ?
Tari nankdi aankho ma karodo sapno joine beek lage chhe...
Tane khabar chhe sapnao fakta bandh aankhe j pura thay chhe ...
Chal 'chakli'.. Udi jaie maaya na pinjara mathi...
Sansar Ni charkrajal ma hamesha j fasayela rahishu..
Ane ha..
Aapne thoda kai thakela chhie;
Aa chakrajal mathi mukt thai bhagishu...

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