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The darkest side of my desire

Posted on May 13, 2017 at 5:30pm 2 Comments

You have to come home one day or another,

I will always wait for you at the door

Once you will come I will tie you up with silk

I will tie your wrists and feet

One night or another I will loosen up the silk to make you feel free

Before you can feel the freedom I will tighten the silk

I will feel the threshold on your face

I will watch you scream, beg me to loosen the silk

And I will smile and reach to your hand

I will shush you and hold you in my… Continue

The bubble

Posted on May 12, 2017 at 9:56pm 0 Comments

I was chasing a bubble, a Bubble of I don't know

I thought if I could catch it I would fly to somewhere I don't know

I kept chasing and I reached somewhere far

I turned back to check if I was safe

The place looked empty, the shops were closed

And I didn't think it through and chased.

And then the bubble disappeared just in a blink

I ran for a while to find it and I finally reached nowhere

I stopped my legs but my mind kept running

I looked around and… Continue


Posted on April 30, 2017 at 5:15am 0 Comments

"Every dawn you come,

Tighten up my straps.

But one day, mister

One day you will forget

And I will slip through them

And show you what I am made of.

I know you sit in the darkest corner

In the daytime,

I can smell your filthy breathe!

You are afraid of light, aren't you?

One fine day I will drag you to hell

And watch you burn.

I can feel you watching me

You love to watch me cry

And scream in pain

You enjoy it, don't… Continue


Posted on March 5, 2017 at 8:39am 0 Comments

લેખકને શું જોઈએ?

બસ ખાલી એક ના ખૂટે તેવો કાગળ ને કલમ.

અને એક એવી શાંત જગ્યા

જ્યાં એની દરેક યાદો નો ભાસ હોય.

અને પછી શું?

યાદોના તાંતણા;

જે વર્ષોથી બાંધી ને રાખ્યા છે,

એને ઢીલા કરતા જાય ને લખતા જાય.

એમાં જો થોડા વધું ઢીલા થઇ જય તો

આંખ માંથી આંસુ ની ધાર વહે,

કાં તો પછી હાસ્ય નો ધોધ.

ક્યારેક તો લખવા માટે શબ્દો ના મળે,

તો ક્યારેક શબ્દો ખૂટી પડે.

શબ્દોથી રમતા રમતા ક્યા

સવાર ની સાંજ અને સાંજ ની રાત થઇ… Continue

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