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Each drop

She couldn't let go his hands he held her tight and she never sank while he counted every drop of water that reached her ..
Isha ...

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My wish for you..

How do I say it said this heart but stay afar and see you shine...

Reach the skies that's my limit and want you there by me...

Sing that song that says of your scars,

Will hear it until dusk...

Say those words will bear it until death...

Million happiness take of mine is my wish,

Hear me say when I m in calm,

Speak my words when I can't..

Stay all awhile until I slumber if awake I may never sleep for days and when I m asleep slip away but make me not… Continue

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Say again

A word again longed a silence ..
Say that I know was to me... write that which says of me .. do that meant for me..
A tide low ,a shoulder is Lent...if cried is for thee..

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Called your name

I called your name a million times though the world heard but you didn't..
I cried innumerous times though the rains witnessed but you didn't...
I reached miles though the distances walked by but you were immovable ...
Yet I seek the paths unknown that one day I find you...

Isha Joyce ...

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Say a word

Say a word said a silence,
I long to listen...
Why do you watch me from a distance,
Get closer said a thought...
I lean as you stand tall,
a mountainous strength I reckon...
Stay by thee as long as I m held...

Isha joyce ....

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For him

And then she said.
My sky heard it and embraced it's warmth while a world welcomed a grace...
Isha Joyce...

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I was here..

I was here but my sky overlooked my presence neither wondered my absence..

Isha Joyce...

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A distant land am I,come not near thee,

If love had boundaries I would cease these feelings of my heart...

I do as an ocean but fear those broken pieces,

No more strengths do I have to mend a broken heart..

Love you immensely from afar,

Pains are unbearable no more can I bear...

Will love you as always, miss me not,

If I m gone,

Remember I did truly but my fears warn me of wounds,

And scars I wish not see again...

May heavens bestow… Continue

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Will you...

Will you reach me if I was distant,

If I get closer would you know I m nearer..

You watch me and say aloud to the masses,

While I know that was meant it for me...

A heart sways to a call but a senses reminding of wounds and pains of scars in await. .

If I come closer I seek not a distance,

If parting is in writing I sway not to your lands Rather stay here and watch you thou afar yet feel you nearer.

A bleeding heart can take no more… Continue

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Tears is all I have,

Nothing exclusive...

A heart that beats and a warmth of arms,

A Sparrow who's nest awaits an arrival from a distant land..

Would you nest by me I ask,

Would you love me as an ocean..

Would you let me lean on your shoulders,

Would you hear my silence..

I cry thou broken but you make me strong,

I run to you in my dreams...

Feel you right here,

Hold your hands not to let go...

I may fight with the… Continue

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With you...

With you is the journey I begin today,

A comfort zone a secure cover...

See you there and proud that you're by me,

And I say here...

Miss you yet never express,

As long as I have you I fear no shadows as I know you watch over me...

Today I say aloud I m in love to the right one,

That who s like me...

Hey I wanna say I love you...

Thank you for your love in a silence,

That suffice I ve no qualms no more do I seek..

This will… Continue

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I see you...

The Visibility in pictures is that I see,

Eyes speak languages in depth...

A shyness thou words hide but not the deeds,

A closeness as thy say to the crowd while I hear it as told to me.

A secure cover of trust I lay on thee,

A faith in years to come...

Would you come by is a thought that I fear,

Never hear a say a chaos mind wavering..

A trust of hopes I did say,

Doubt thou says yet a heart stays..

Await for the day you did… Continue

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A wait...

A morning rise before Dawn,

The essence of a feeling of love to the one that one did live for.

The aroma of the morning bliss,

Perfume of flowers, cool breeze from the cold dew, wet grass, tiny water droplets ...

Chirping birds, rustling leaves ,

In comes the one that's dressed in a beautiful attire, smiling in gaiety saying this is the day I long for...

Herself decked in sparkling jewellery, looking her amusing self says it's for him that I do.

A… Continue

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A lil birdy says...

Don't watch me from the distances,

While I stay here...

Fly close and you know me there,

My chirp you did cry...

My songs you did feel,

My touch comfort thy pains,

My eyes a tale of oceanic sorrow yet a Gale of laughter..

You did love me more for my honesty than the visibility...

Now that I have you I ask...

Am I too good for hell and too bad for heaven,

Would you have an answer...

Would you know me now...

I do miss you.… Continue

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Distances count...

My promises I abide,

Said it, and will do it for you...

Trust is that you did gain of mine,

You would love me then...

Won't question, won't ask thee,

Won't say I miss you, will never ask do you..

Await that you say..

A day would arrive where we are beside each,

A moment when you hold my hand and we walk distances...

I would see you smile and you will see me,

The ones we love will cherish our happiness,

And in that lies our… Continue

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Is it worth....

A Say I need, is it worth when your hurts deepen ..
If one looked for beauty in every sway then does someone's loyalty count..
A relationship is bound in trust and love but here a pain in deeds...not more does one want to cry...

A path is clear .. it hurts hurts deep inside....

No more does one wander in the land that's swaying to every wind ..

Isha Joyce....

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Oh I wish to be there, held on...a Loyalty calls in...

I see thee my heart thumps..

Take me away is I want to say,

But reminders...

Why are we this way ..where is the wrongs of ours...

No fault of yours not mine..

Two heart's beat as one...

Pierced each day wounded over and over...

Should I run to you to be in your arms or wait here as loyalty counts..

The more distant the more I get closer,

Depth of my love… Continue

Added by Isha Phillips on October 5, 2017 at 8:11am — 1 Comment

Say a word..

Say a word cried my heart...

Have you lost that love,

Silent tears I cry for you,

Miss you in tons found you after years and now how do I let go thy shoulder..

Unconditional love I seek , know these hurts..

Said to life enough of your fury let me live and love in peace...

Distant not thyself thy shoulder is all I want..

May I rest need to slumber as I my eyes didn't close while I searched for you in years.

Hear me cry ...hear me… Continue

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Am I wrong...

Am I wrong I asked thee,

This Silence in you kills me.

If limitations were meant there a heart never would knock,

They say love has no depths then how does one get away far thou could stand by in a silence to the one that is in awe and loved in return.

Don't let go, a guilt might not let one live.

Maybe one call from thy lands no rains would cease a move,

Maybe the hand that wants to hold and no second to think would walk by it...

Life's… Continue

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Do I say..

Say to you the words that you wanted to hear.

Say aloud thou you reach but my wilderness is blocking my way..

Say how much I love you and need thee but would you know it if that was in silence.

Will love you always..those words of courage I carry as I walk alone again..

Now I m in no haste will stay as I was as long as I love you...

See these hidden tears of mine they say of oceanic love thou near yet I can't touch..

Lost today to a world of hurts… Continue

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