5 Ways to Maintain the Commercial Refrigerators

The success of food business depends heavily on the commercial freezer and fridges. If you do not want to throw your money away because of food waste and run a smooth service then you need to make sure that the commercial refrigeration is working perfectly.

If the maintenance of the commercial refrigerators is ignored then it can cause big problems for the business. If the refrigerators break down then you will not have any fresh and edible food to serve. In commercial setting the maintenance of the appliances often gets ignored and it ends up costing the business a lot.

Here are some maintenance tips that should always be remembered so that the appliances can function efficiently.

Keeping the interior clean:

If you want the food to be stored in a safe environment and the refrigerators to function efficiently then you need to regularly clean the interior. The interior of a commercial refrigerator can become dirty because of the spills and leftover food products. If it is not regularly cleaned then it can lead to serious hygiene problems like cross-food contamination of growth of harmful bacteria. Cleaning the interior is not difficult and it does take too much time. All you need to do is take out all the food products and wash it with solution of water and soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals because they will harm the interior of the appliance and if some spills stay in the appliance they can be harmful as they can get absorbed in the food.

Cleaning the exterior parts:

The exterior parts of the commercial refrigeration also need to be cleaned regularly. The most important parts of fridge and freezers are on the exterior. Evaporator fan coils, condenser and fan blades are crucial for the functionality of the appliances. Make sure that there is no debris accumulated in the condenser. If they are not clean then it will affect the efficiency of the appliances and they will consume more energy.

Changing the worn out parts:

The commercial refrigerators have to work hard and non-stop so there are parts that get worn out. If the parts such as evaporator fan coils, door seals or the fan blades are becoming too old to work efficiently in a commercial environment then you should change them. If you continue using the old parts then the appliance is going to break down without any warning one day. Regularly check the parts for damage so that you can change them on time.

Tracking temperature:

If you want to know whether the commercial refrigerators are working properly or not then track the temperature. If the temperature of the appliance is continuously fluctuating then there is something wrong with it. If you cannot find the problem then it is better to take professional help.

A maintenance schedule:

If you want to make sure that the commercial refrigeration appliances are properly maintained then you should have a maintenance schedule. A schedule will allow you to keep the appliances in best condition and save you from expensive refrigeration crisis.

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