Branded employees aren’t just recognised, they’re coveted and courted by companies worldwide. Be confident of your own brand.

Power of brand identity

Look at Apple Incorporated. You tend to agree that they have a powerful brand identity.

What if one day, a new ‘Steve Jobs’ reinvents the iPhone and calls it the iPear? The iPear not only costs as much as the iPhone, it has identical features. What makes it special is its ability to project holographic images of whoever you’re talking to right from your phone screen. Imagine being able to see a holographic version of your friend every time you call them. That's a game changer.

Technically any product can be replicated and improved upon. Humans, on the other hand, cannot. Even if you were cloned, take different life paths, and that in itself would differentiate you - rarer than rare gems and equipped with powerful brand identities.

Now, all that’s left to do is to find your edge, hone it, and market it well to succeed.

Your competitive advantage - your differentiation

Competitive advantage is your winning edge. But your competitive advantage isn’t just about having natural-born talents. Employers also look for that X factor or special ‘something’ that they can’t put their finger on.                                                  Ask yourself:

  • Your unique element, facet or point of view

  • Driven, passionate or ambitious

  • Your motivation at work

  • Your value-add

    If you have trouble answering them, think of praises that bosses have sung for you in the past. It may help to jot them down. E.g. I go the extra mile. I finish the job no matter what. If I don’t know something, I would get down and dirty to learn how… etc.

    Hone your competitive advantage

    Once you’ve identified your edge, be honest with yourself. How good are you at your craft?

    Geniuses are bred. They spend a lot of time honing their craft – 10,000 hours to be exact. And that’s only the minimum time it takes for one to be considered ‘good’.

    Reach this 10,000-hour mark.

    Market your brand

    People become smarter, faster and stronger in this world.

    Your competitive edge.

    Articulate it in person, on paper and even digitally on the web.                                                                              Practice saying it, writing it down, revise it until it buys your confidence.

    Then, use these tools to market your brand:

    1. Résumé and cover letter

    Litter your résumé and cover letter with keywords that match your brand. The look-and-feel should also reflect how you wish to be perceived.

    2. Portfolio

    Your portfolio is proof of your professional worth, so make it consistent with your brand. If you want to be seen as a “creative” graphic designer, then only show your most emotionally-jarring pieces.

    3. Email address

    Your email address is your official channel of communication, so it must sound professional. If you have a common name, add your designation or city rather than random words and numbers. E.g. or

    4. LinkedIn and Facebook

    If you have an online persona, make sure it’s not a wild version of yourself. Always assume a friend of a friend would see your page, and that person could be the CEO of your dream company.

    5. Wardrobe

    Your attire should be in line with the work you’re in. Originality is key but do not to go overboard. What you’re aiming for is to look the part you’re playing.

    6. Face and body language

    90% of your communication is non-verbal. So, be mindful of how you present yourself.

  1. Stand tall with your shoulders rolled back and head faced forward

  2. Keep a wide stance, feet apart rather than too close together

  3. Communicate with your hands and palms facing out

  4. Speak in your lower register

  5. Give automatic eye contact

  6. Smile often

    Verbal communication

    People perceive you from the way you speak.                                                                                                          Choose your words, tone of voice, and volume.                                           

  7. Do not talk too loudly in a quiet office.                                                                                                                                                                      Nor do carry a condescending tone.                                                   

    Remember, you’re a walking, talking brand and you want people to feel good around you.

    Live your brand

    Walk your talk.                                                                              

  8. Deliver the goods, the most important part of your brand.                                                                                   After all, you’re not putting on an act. You are simply being the best version of yourself professionally.


    Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise



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Blog Posts

Mixed Emotions

Posted by Shi on September 18, 2017 at 6:27pm 0 Comments

Can't seem to let go. That same very little finger that held onto my hand is now loosening it's grip. Want to hold onto it tight and never let go. Don't want to feel the emptiness. A roller coaster of emotions. Knowing that letting go is inevitable and perhaps for the best. Mixed emotions of sadness sometimes overpowering the feeling content and happiness, watching the child steps towards being a man.


Posted by Isha joyce on September 18, 2017 at 2:06pm 0 Comments

Shadows never scared but the the lit skies ...
Thou it rained but tender was it's fall..
Thou it stormed yet was considerate after a while,
The sun raged but did calm ...
A hatred unknowingly known ... would never manauever to the lanes that once walked by...

A steep fall to a blind vision thou hard a hit but deep were it's impact.

Isha Joyce...


Posted by Mansi Shethji Sonik on September 17, 2017 at 7:01am 0 Comments

ખેતીનું ખૂન

ખેતીનું ખૂન મારી આખો સામે.

હું ચશમદીદ ગવાહ,

જુબાની ક્યાં આપું ?

પહેલાં ...

રસાયણો ફેંકાયા ખાતર રૂપે,

નહેરની શિરાઓ સુકાઈ, શહેરો જેવી વોટબઁકો માટે.

જમીનો કપાઈ ,

અચાનકજ નોન એગ્રિકલચર બની,

કાળી ફળદ્રૂપ ઢેફાવાળી!

બંજર બની.

વિશાળ બંગલોમાટે.

મૂંગા ઢોર જેવા ખેડૂતો

બોલવા મંડ્યા

એટલે ફાળ પડી પેટમાં


અંતે લોહીથી સીંચી જમીનને ,

આપણા ખેડૂતો ના લોહી.

માટીમાં… Continue

વર્ષોએ અનિલ અને રમેશની આંખો વચ્ચે મુંબઈ અમરેલીનો પાંચસો માઈલનો પટ્ટોપાથરી દીધો છે

Posted by on September 15, 2017 at 5:57am 0 Comments

( અનિલ ( 6 - ૧૦ -૮૫ ના દિવસે ) અમરેલી આવ્યો. લગભગ વીસ વર્દ પછી ,અમે એક જ દિવસમાં વીસ વરસ પહેલાના સમયને જીવવા બાથોડીયા માર્યા.રેલ્વે સ્ટેશન પાસે એક ઝાડની નીચે એક બાંકડો હતો ત્યાં અમે કાયમ બેસતા. બાંકડો અને ઝાડ અમારા સુખ કરતા દુઃખના વધુ…


સીધું સટ - 2

Posted by a. j tanna on September 14, 2017 at 6:48am 0 Comments

રોજ સવારે છાપામાં લૂંટ, ખૂન, રેપ, અપહરણ, હડતાલ, લાંચ, છેતરપિંડી, છેડતી, લડાઇ - ઝગડા.. વિશે વાંચુ ત્યારે વિચાર આવે કે આટલાં બધાં ઉત્તમ, સુઘડ, સંસ્કાર,નારી સન્માન..વગેરે વિશે watsapp માં viral થતાં msgs કોઈ પરગ્રહવાસી કરતા હશે..!
-અલ્પા જીતેશ તન્ના

સીધું સટ - 1

Posted by a. j tanna on September 14, 2017 at 6:38am 0 Comments

પાણી થી ભરેલાં રસ્તાઓ પર વાહનો ચલાવતાં ચલાવતાં જે લોકોને આજુબાજુ ચાલતાં લોકો નજર નથી આવતાં ખરેખર તેમનાં મગજમાં મોટા ગાબડાં હશે..

-અલ્પા જીતેશ તન્ના

Words Not Spoken

Posted by Aparna Mukherjee on September 14, 2017 at 4:35am 0 Comments

A change I can feel,

My world came to a standstill,

No clue of how,

It happened to me.

It took me by surprise,

The glitz when I see in my eyes.

Love silently knocked my heart,

Feelings I was unaware,

A phase I thought to be so,

The depth I never came to know.

To say him the unsaid words,

Finally when I realize,

And then I get to rise,

Words fell short,

His eyes when met with me,

A surge of love ran through… Continue

વરસો અનરાધાર...

Posted by Ketan Motla on September 13, 2017 at 11:48am 0 Comments

જીતવું માણસનો સ્વભાવ છે. કોઈપણ ક્ષેત્રમાં સિદ્ધિ પ્રાપ્ત કરવી, સફળ થવું હર કોઈને પસંદ હોય છે. તમારી આવડત કૌશલ્ય દ્વારા રમત જીતી શકાય. વળી, પૈસાથી ભૌતિક સુખ પ્રાપ્ત કરી શકાય પરંતુ માણસને જીતવાનું સાધન માત્ર ને માત્ર પ્રેમ છે.

માનવમાત્રને પ્રેમ કરો. પ્રત્યેક જીવ પર કરુણા રાખો. સામેની વ્યક્તિ તમને ગમે તેટલી નફરત કરે પરંતુ આપણે પ્રેમનો પ્રવાહ અવિરત રાખવો.…



Posted by Janki Raval Jani on September 13, 2017 at 9:27am 0 Comments

અનંત અથાગ અસીમ અને અપાર

શબ્દો ની મર્યદા બસ થઇ છે પૂરી

પ્રેમ ની માપણી તોયે છે અધુરી


સુરજ નો તાપ ને ચન્દ્ર ની શીતળતા

વચ્ચે આમની છે સૃષ્ટિ તમામ

આની પણ પર છે પ્રેમ તારો

એને મારા શત શત પ્રણામ


જન્મ નું રુદન ને મરણ નું આક્રંદ

જીવન ની બસ આ જ છે વ્યાખ્યા

રંગ પૂર્યા છે તે આમાં અનેક

તું જ મારી વ્યાસપીઠ ને વ્યાખ્યાતા


ઝરણાં ની મીઠાશ ને સમુદ્ર ની ખારાશ

જુદા એકમેક થી છતાં જરૂરી સમાન



Walk by me...

Posted by Isha joyce on September 13, 2017 at 4:02am 0 Comments

Walk not ahead of me nor behind but besides ..and hold me before a fall..
If I trip dust awaits while being held the heavens beckon..
Listen to a silence of words thou wants to say yet fears the say..
A shoulder to lean while the weight of these tears stream in..
Isha joyce..

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