Material support
Tuesday, December 5, 2017
9:50 AM
Material support
Queen Rania of Jordan says "Extremism is extremism"
It runs counter to the humanism
it came as sharp criticism to the Government
As she observed during her visit to "Rohingya refugee camp "In Bangladesh
She was critical of Aung Sui* of Myanmar
She has gone too far
The queen further added about the prosecution
And strained international relation
Why have such things taken place?
Why are Muslims, in particular, facing the chase?
The Muslims are not adjusting to the country's scene
Here they form armed groups and their involvement in attacks on troops is clearly seen
How can a country tolerate such defiance of the land rule?
No other communities are involved in such large-scale
When it became intolerable, the drive was made against such groups
Fearing reprisal, they fled the country and sought refuge
It is irony of the fact
That Muslims react badly
Take full revenge and attack innocent
Such move is condemned at present
The Arab countries are providing material support
They don't open their land and the ports
For refugees to enter
If such move is initiated, the situation can be altered

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