Actually, a women's playsuit is also known as a romper, it means a one-piece garment that is very much similar to the jumpsuit, but it uses to have shorter bottoms. The playsuit consists of shorts and attached or a connected shirt, that could have sleeves as much as you want. The size of shorts can also vary it could be longer if you have long legs and it could be short in size if you have small legs and wants to depict them longer. Wide range of sizes are available, you can buy playsuit with tight legs and it also have styles with wider legs. Some playsuits also consist of shorts along with cuffs, or some of them may have a tailored look with fancy front panels. There are playsuits with pocket style or with other details. Here in this article, we are discussing some of the types of fabrics in which you can buy the playsuits:

Types of Playsuit Materials

Women's playsuits are available in countless designs and fabrics. While there are some fabrics which we can easily wear casually while some of them considered informal or party wear. While buying these playsuits choosing accurate fabric is the most important thing.

  1. Terry Cloth:

Terry cloth is mostly used for making playsuits, actually it consist of a high pile twist of soft cotton, used either on one side or on both edges of the fabric. This is used to give a material its textured look. Terry cloth is actually very absorbent and the most durable fabric.

  1. Cotton Jersey:

Another type of fabric used in making playsuit for women is cotton jersey. It is actually very soft, light, and comfortable. This fabric is very flexible, and allows stretching to imitate to the body shape of its wearer.

  1. Silk:

Some fancy and formal playsuits are also made up of silk fabric. This fabric is very versatile and used for making an elegant evening wear playsuit. By wearing this playsuit you can look cool, stylish and trendy. However, silk fabric demands high maintenance and also requires a special care on behalf of the wearer.

  1. Cotton:

If you want to buy a playsuit to feel relaxed and comfortable then you should prefer to buy the cotton fabric playsuit. This fabric is breathable that makes it best to wear in the months of warmer summer. Cotton will absorb all your body moisture and it’s also able to recollect 20 percent of its heaviness in water.

  1. Linen:

Linen fabric is also used very commonly to make women play suits this fabric is really very durable and is available in range of textures. Its possess quality of high absorbency that means you can wear this fabric in any weather, either its summer or its winter you can easily wear this fabric. It’s very easy to take care of playsuits made up of linen. It’s completely washable in machine that will make it more desirable as compared to other fabrics.

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પ્રભુ ના સખા

શુક્રવાર,21 સપ્ટેમ્બર 2018


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